Shipping Policy

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY offers free shipping for all orders within India with a purchase value of over Rs.1000. We are partnered with only the top logistics services so that you can begin to enjoy all Damroobox products as quickly as possible.
All orders are processed for dispatch within 2-4 working days. Some products such as heavy equipment, customized articles, etc. may possibly take longer. It is our constant endeavor to process all your orders as soon as they are placed, however if due to some unexpected condition it takes longer, we will inform and update you regarding your shipment.
NOTE: All prizes/gifts/rewards will be shipped 45-60 days post announcement of winner/s name.
You can always check the status of your order with the tracking ID online here. Tracking ID is sent to you via Mail and SMS.
If you need any further assistance or information please feel free to contact us on or call us on +91 86996-58139 or 0172-5058421.

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