Shopping Points & Earned Cash -

Damroobox Shopping Points

Damroobox offers you the best shopping experience with high quality service. We are India’s largest e-tailer of original sports, health and fitness equipments.

We also give all our users an exciting opportunity to earn many rewards. One such reward that Damroobox offers is in the form of Shopping Points wherein you can redeem 10% from your total Shopping Points against your next total  purchase value. Here are the exciting ways you can earn Shopping Points:

  • On registration Rs.500 and downloading App Rs.750
  • 3% of your order value will be credited back to you in the form of shopping points the moment your order is delivered
  • For every registered referral Rs.50
  • Every time you predict a winner for a match in Fantasy Game Rs.20
  • Every correct match prediction earns you Rs.50
  • For a hat-trick of correct predictions get Rs.300
  • Login daily to your account on and get Rs.20


Damroobox Earned Cash

Damroobox offers all its users the chance to Share & Earn money. All you have to do is refer to your friends and when they register through your link and make a purchase from our site you will receive 3% of their purchase value as EARNED CASH and this is applicable everytime they shop!

Login to your Damroobox and view your total earned cash. Once you have Rs.500 or more in your credit you can encash the full amount.

Come and be part of the exciting Damroobox world and earn some great rewards all you have to do is sign up!

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